SL 30001.000 Coverage Under Section 218 Agreements

Subchapter Table of Contents
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SL 30001.301Section 218 AgreementsBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.302Definition of Terms for Section 218TN 7 01-18
SL 30001.303Basic Section 218 ConceptsBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.305Interstate InstrumentalitiesTN 7 01-18
SL 30001.310Section 218 Coverage GroupsBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.315Absolute Coverage Group (Section 218(b)(5))BASIC 12-03
SL 30001.316Composition of an Absolute Coverage GroupBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.317Providing Coverage for Absolute Coverage GroupsBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.320Retirement System Coverage Group (Section 218(d))BASIC 12-03
SL 30001.321What a Retirement System Is for Majority Vote Referendum PurposesBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.322Providing Coverage for Majority Vote Retirement SystemBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.323Majority Vote Referendum Process (Section 218(d)(4))BASIC 12-03
SL 30001.324Composition of Majority Vote Retirement SystemBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.330Divided Vote Referendum Authority (Section 218(d)(6))BASIC 12-03
SL 30001.331What a Retirement System Is for Divided Vote Referendum PurposesBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.332Providing Coverage for Divided Vote Retirement SystemBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.333Divided Vote Referendum Process (Section 218(d)(7))BASIC 12-03
SL 30001.334Composition of Divided Vote Retirement SystemBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.335Additional Opportunities for “No” Vote to Elect CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.336Referendums for Deployed Military PersonnelTN 1 07-05
SL 30001.340Retirement System IneligiblesBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.345Police Officers and FirefightersBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.350Positions Covered By More Than One Retirement System (Section 218(d)(8))BASIC 12-03
SL 30001.355Required and Optional ExclusionsBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.356Required ExclusionsBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.357Optional ExclusionsBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.358Temporary Emergency Worker ExclusionTN 2 12-05
SL 30001.360Covering Services Optionally ExcludedBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.365Public Transportation ServicesBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.370Special State ProvisionsTN 6 11-10
SL 30001.375Effective Dates of CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.380Continuation of Coverage RulesTN 3 12-05
SL 30001.385Termination of CoverageBASIC 12-03
SL 30001.390Entity No Longer in Existence or InactivatedTN 7 01-18
SL 30001.395Medicare HI-Only Coverage for Pre-1986 HiresBASIC 12-03

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