TN 1 (09-10)

SL 90010.501 Action Items for 2010

A. 08/24/2010 Action Items

SL 50001.560 Services Not Subject to Mandatory Social Security and Medicare Coverage

Updated the Election Worker Coverage Chart URL to:


B. 07/22/2010 Action Items


SL 10001.130 State Social Security Administrator Responsibilities

Subsection B.3., changed the mailing address From:


2-D-19A, Operations Bldg.

6401 Security Boulevard

Baltimore, MD 21235-6401



State and Local Coverage

Room 4430–42, West High Rise

6401 Security Blvd.

Baltimore, MD 21235"


C. 03/29/2010 Action Items

SL 40001.420 Modifications to the Original Agreement


Subsection E., added the following after the last bullet:


NOTE: Scanned copies may be emailed to OEPIP.

Copies of Regional Chief Counsel Opinions should also be sent to OEPIP), please add the sentence: Scanned copies are acceptable.


SL 80001.850 Reporting Election Workers (02/19/2010)

Changed ($1,500 for calendar year 2009), to ($1,500 for calendar year 2010),


D. 02/03/2010 Action Items

SL 40001.420 Modifications to the Original Agreement

Section E, 2nd bullet: changed to read ““ORDP, OISP, OEPIP, State and Local Coverage, Room 4430–42, West High Rise, 6401 Security Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21235; and”


E. 01/04/2010 Action Items

SL 30001.350 Positions Covered By More Than One Retirement system (Section 218(d)(8))

Subsection B., revised 2nd paragraph to:

"Member for this purpose means an actual member of the retirement system. It does not include an optional who is deemed to be a member of the retirement system."

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