TN 2 (02-24)

SL 90016.001 Transmittals for 2016

A. SL 40001 Transmittal 08 (11/2016) — Agreements and Modifications


Office of the General Counsel (OGC) Staff

State Social Security Administrators

Regional Offices — RSI Team Leaders


Parallel Social Security Field Offices — District Managers


Originating Component



Effective Date

Upon Receipt



After reevaluating current instructions on mailing and emailing copies of Section 218 agreements and modifications, and in efforts to streamline the business process for efficiency, we updated the policy and procedure. These changes reduce the unnecessary mailing and storage of duplicate paper documents in multiple offices within Social Security, saving time and costs.


Summary of Changes

SL 40001.420 Modifications to the Original Agreement

Subsection E, we are removing instructions for the Regional Offices to send a photocopy of the Section 218 modifications to the original agreement notification approval letter, the executed modification, and copy of the OGC's Opinions to the Office of Income Security Programs. Specifically we are removing step 2, second bullet, step 3, and the NOTE.

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