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SL 90016.501 Action Items for 2016

A. 12/26/2016

SL 40001.490 Agreement and Modification Exhibits

Exhibits 1-7, 9-10, 13-20c, 22-30 were updated correcting typographical error in the date fields where it is indicated year “200_” to “20__.” Signature line was updated by adding “(or authorized delegate)” next to the “Regional Commissioner” title per Federal Register notice on November 27, 1989 (54 FR 48815-03).

B. 12/08/2016

SL 40001.420 Modifications to the Original Agreement

D. Minor corrections before executing the modification - Deleted "in pen and ink". Section now reads:

EXAMPLE: The state administrator mistyped the entity name on a pending modification as School District 12, when it should have been School District 13. The state administrator calls the RO Specialist to report the mistake and asks that he or she correct the typo. The RO Specialist takes the following actions:

  • ask the State Administrator to provide written authority (e.g., an email) requesting the correction;

  • change “12” to “13,” on the modification;

C. 12/01/2016

SL 30001.302 Glossary

Removed "Mandatory" and replaced with "Required".

D. 12/01/2016

SL 30001.323 Majority Vote Referendum Process (Section 218(d)(4))

Subsection D., 3rd bullet, removed "mandatory" and replaced with "required".

E. 12/01/2016

SL 30001.355 Required and Optional Exclusions

Changed section title 355 removing "Mandatory" and replaced with "Required".

Changed "mandatorily" to "required to be" in the section.

F. 12/01/2016

SL 30001.356 Required Exclusions

Changed section title .356 deleting "Mandatory" and replaced with "Required".

Deleted words "mandatorily"and "Mandatory" and replaced with "required to be" and"Required".

G. 12/01/2016

SL 30001.365 Public Transportation Services

Subsection A., deleted "mandatorily" and replaced with "required to be".

2nd paragraph, changed first sentence removing "mandatorily excludes....." to read: "Section 218(c)(6)(C) of the Act requires transportation services covered under Section 210(k) to be excluded from coverage under a Section 218 Agreement.

H. 12/01/2016

SL 60001.635 Police Officers and Firefighters

Deleted "mandatory" and replaced with "required".

I. 11/28/2016

SL 15005.020 - Total Earnings in Computation Years Under the 1978 NS Method - Indexing the ER

Subsection B.10. Changed last paragraph to read: “Name discrepancies and misspellings may be corrected by using the procedures for minor corrections. see SL 40001.420D.

Subsection B.12. Deleted “pen and ink” and changed to “the wet”.

J. 11/28/2016

SL 40001.410 - Original Agreement

Subsection C.

Deleted "pen and ink" and changed to "wet".

K. 11/28/2016

SL 40001.420 - Modifications to the Original Agreement

Subsection D. and EXAMPLE

removed "in pen and ink".

L. 11/28/2016

SL 10001.130 State Social Security Administrator Responsibilities

Subsection B.1.a.

This section was updated for clarity by adding the word ‘original’ and now reads as:

“a. Permanently maintain physical custody of the following original documents:”

M. 11/01/2016

SL 30001.357 Optional Exclusions

Subsection C. Election Officials and Election Workers

Deleted all but first line of paragraph 2, and added remainder of paragraph after pay, "did not reach a specified threshold. Periodically, that threshold is adjusted by the Office of the Actuary. To find the Social Security coverage threshold amounts for election workers, see the Employment Coverage Threshold page ("

N. 08/03/2016

SL 40001.490 Agreement and Modification Exhibits

Subsection F. Special modifications and notifications

Exhibit 22: SSA reply to Notification of Legal Dissolution

Replaced the pdf with an updated version to comply with plain language requirements.

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