TN 5 (03-03)

GN 00506.140 Fee for Service Notification - Beneficiaries


Beneficiaries receiving payments through an authorized Fee for Service organization must be notified that fees can be collected. Since the decision to allow an organization to collect a fee is not an initial determination, the notice to the beneficiary does not include formal appeal rights. However, the beneficiary may make an informal protest of SSA's decision. The beneficiary also may request the appointment of an alternate payee or request a new capability determination. (See GN 00506.150B.1. when a beneficiary requests a review of our decision).


1. Releasing Notices

Use the list of beneficiaries the organization submitted with its application to release a notice informing the beneficiaries of the organization's right to collect a fee and the amount. (Use the language in NL 00703.770 for the notice).

Time the release of the beneficiary notices to coincide with the release of the authorization notice to the organization, if possible.

2. Returned Notices

If the notice is returned as undeliverable check the MBR or SSR for a recent address change.

If necessary, contact the organizational payee, the post office of record using form SSA-L2001, a bank using the “Locate Letter” found in DPS (if direct deposit exists), the phone company (if a phone number is available), or your local Motor Vehicle Registry, and take the appropriate action based on the information provided.

NOTE: Pay special attention to undeliverable or returned mail. It may be an indication that the beneficiary moved, might be deceased, etc. Follow the instructions for processing undeliverable or returned notices.


NL 00703.770 Representative Payee — Authorized Fee Notice to Beneficiary or Person Standing in Place of Beneficiary

GN 00506.150 B.2 Requests for Review of Fee for Service Decisions

GN 02605.055 Undeliverable Mail - COA

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