TN 18 (06-03)

GN 00605.040 WBDOC Screening and Imaging Process

A. Introduction

WBDOC receives the SSA-623-OCR-SM, SSA-6230-OCR-SM, and SSA-6234-OCR-SM accounting reports from payees for control clearance and initial processing.

B. Process - Overview

WBDOC processes the accounting reports as completely as possible. Reports processed to completion are “APPROVED”; reports requiring development to resolve unacceptable responses, relevant remarks, etc., are referred to as “EXCEPTIONS”. The following table summarizes WBDOC’s functions. For detailed information, refer to WB 04602.000.




Screens out and returns unsigned accounting reports to payees for completion.


Performs a clerical review of all signed reports.


Attempts to resolve a blank response through telephone DIRCON when there is no other reason to forward the case to the PC for development (e.g., relevant remarks).


Determines, based on the payee's responses, if the case is “approved” or an “exception.”


Clears the (title II) system and (title XVI and concurrent) AR diary control on all signed reports to prevent systems generated follow-ups (i.e., second requests and nonresponder alerts).


Inputs conserved funds unless the total amount of expenditures does not equal or exceed 90% of the total accountable amount.


Images all signed accounting forms.


Forwards EXCEPTIONS (i.e., the “paper” SSA-623/6230-OCR-SM form) to the PCs for development based on SSN jurisdiction.


Clears the (title II) system and (title XVI and concurrent) AR diary control and processes accounting reports returned as undeliverable. (See GN 00605.045 for processing instructions).

C. Process – Control Clearance, Input Conserved Funds

The outcome of the WBDOC screening process is as follows:

  • Title II – the accounting record is deleted from the offline annual accounting system control file and conserved funds (see GN 00605.040B, Step 6) are posted to the offline conserved funds file.

  • Title XVI (and concurrent) – the NM field in the REPY segment of the SSR is updated with the report period end date (MM/YY), the AR diary in the DIAR segment is deleted, and reported conserved funds (see GN 00605.040B, Step 6) are posted in the CF field in the REPY segment.

REMEMBER: The WBDOC clearance process updates the offline annual accounting control file and SSR to prevent follow-up activity (e.g., second requests). Accounting reports with unacceptable responses, etc., require PC or FO development.

D. Procedure – How to Retrieve an Accounting Report from WBDOC

Copies of imaged accounting reports are available from WBDOC. For example, you can telephone, fax or email your request to WBDOC and you must provide them with certain identifying information such as CAN/SSN, BIC, Payee Name, etc. This same identifying information is required when requesting the “paper” report (see GN 00605.055B for retention of paper accounting reports).

E. Reference

R8 Alert to FOs based on WBDOC input of T16 conserved funds, SI 01140.021.

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