TN 63 (06-24)

DI 13010.010 Handling Events That May Require a Work Continuing Disability Review (CDR)

This section describes the different types of events that may or may not require a technician to initiate a work CDR. For procedures on processing a work report or a work CDR, see DI 13010.020 Work Reports and Receipts , DI 13010.023 Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities in Work Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs), and DI 13010.025 Field Office (FO) Responsibilities in Work Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs)

A. Events that prompt a work CDR review

1. Reports of return to work

We will initiate a work CDR if we receive a report of return to work from one of the following:

  • The disabled beneficiary or their representative payee;

  • A third party;

  • An appointed representative;

  • Vocational rehabilitation (VR) (for VR information, see DI 13510.000).

2. Earnings posted by the Ticket to Work (TTW) program manager (PM)

When a ticket holder assigns their ticket, the Employment Network (EN) must obtain verification of the beneficiary’s work activity, and provide this verification to the PM.

The PM evaluates and certifies reported earnings (using our approved guidelines), and electronically records the evidence of earnings into Shared Process on the SSA Main Menu.

The PM also records alleged earnings on the verify earnings (VERN) screen in the disability control file (DCF). The field office (FO) evaluates reported earnings from a PM as a third-party report. When developing these cases, follow instructions found in DI 55030.001 Overview of Earnings Verification in Ticket Cases and DI 55005.005B SSA Component Responsibilities with Regard to the PM.

3. Matured trial work period (TWP) diaries

When we process a TWP determination, eWork or the DCF establishes a diary issue for the projected end of the TWP. For more information on processing a TWP determination, see DI 13010.090.

4. Continuing Disability Review Enforcement Operation (CDREO) alerts

The CDREO posts an alert on the DCF to alert you of title II and concurrent beneficiary records with potentially uninvestigated earnings.

For detailed information on the CDREO policy and procedure, see DI 13010.027.

5. Other types of work events

Information received during a title XVI redetermination, or a new claim filed by a beneficiary may indicate work activity.

B. Earnings events that may not prompt a work CDR

We may not initiate a work CDR for earnings that

  • do not represent pay for work (e.g., termination pay, sick pay, vacation pay, bonus); (DI 10505.010D)

  • are for the year of attainment of full retirement age (except CDBs) or death;

  • are for a title II statutorily blind beneficiary who is in freeze status (not eligible for cash benefits);

  • are for a year that a beneficiary’s record is in suspense or terminated status; or

  • are clearly not substantial gainful activity (SGA), and the current earnings are from the same employer, and for a similar amount.

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