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DI 81005.055 Status/History Tab

The Status/History tab in eView displays a summary for each adjudicative level for an eDib case in separate sections. The case status summary displays the following information:

  • Claim type;

  • Level;

  • Date filed;

  • Current status;

  • Office;

  • Decision date;

  • Decision;

  • Regulation basis; and

  • Deciding office.

A. Status/History Tab

Under the Status/History Tab, users can:

  • Reopen a prior claim, see DI 81020.115;

  • Reactivate a claim;

  • Technical reactivation, see DI 81010.110;

  • Medical reactivation, see DI 81010.143;

  • Join Claims (Office of Hearings Operations [OHO] functionality only);

  • Access the CEF Indicator History;

  • Access the Claims Action History Screen;

  • Access the Assistance Request History Screen; and

  • Update/correct Paper Folder Indicators.

B. Claims Action History Screen

The Claims Action History:

  • Is available in view only mode; and

  • Displays a summary of all eDIB activities and movement on a case.

The summary displays all levels of the claims in the case. Each level displays:

  • Claim Type,

  • Action/Reason,

  • Action Date,

  • From office,

  • To office, and

  • Accepted Date (if applicable.)

C. Assistance Request (AR) History Screen

One component, with case jurisdiction, creates, and sends an AR to another component for assistance in case development while maintaining jurisdiction.

The assistance request history:

  • Is available in view only mode; and

  • Displays all prior and pending ARs on a case.

For more detail on Assistance Requests, see DI 81020.100.

D. Paper Folder Indicators (PFIs)

The PFIs appear on the Status/History screen in eView. These indicators inform eView users whether any paper folders are associated with the case. The office with jurisdiction of the case can change the indicators in eView. To make changes in eView and Locking/Unlocking Cases in eView, see DI 81001.040. For details on PFIs, see DI 81001.020.

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