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DI 81005.052 Copy Documents

A. General – View and copy documents from prior electronic folders

Users may need to review or copy documents from prior filings for current disability filings or continuing disability reviews (CDRs). Users have the capability to view documents from prior EFs with the same Social Security Number (SSN) and select those documents to copy into the current EF without leaving the current EF. The prior EF(s) does not have to be a certified electronic folder (CEF).


Users cannot copy Multimedia files.

B. Viewing documents from prior electronic folders

To view documents from a prior EF while in the current EF:

  • Go to the Case Documents Tab;

  • Click the “Locate Docs” link located in the header;

    • View a list of all the folders with the same SSN displayed in the Locate Documents pop-up screen (the current EF, any linked folder(s) due to a reopening, a CDR, comparison point decision (CPD), or associated folder are automatically displayed with default checkmarks beside them);

  • Place a check in the box beside the folder(s) you want to view (you can select one or more folders); and

  • Select “OK”.


After viewing documents from one folder, you can click “Locate Docs” to select a different folder to view.

Once you select “OK”, eView displays the documents from the selected folder(s) in the Case Documents page. The Level column distinguishes the documents from each folder:

  • Documents linked with the EF, display “PF” (prior folder) or “CPD”.

  • Documents from the current EF display the appropriate level.

    • Documents already copied into the current EF display “CC” (carbon copy).

    • Annotations, bookmarks, and categories (ABCs) on documents containing ABCs carry forward to the new “CC” copy.


The Level column on the Case Documents page is most useful when selecting more than one folder for viewing documents.

If, after viewing the prior EF documents, you determine you do not need the documents in the current EF and want to return to the current folder Case Documents page:

  • Reselect the link, “Locate Docs”;

  • Select “Restore Default Docs” from the Locate Document pop-up screen; and

  • Select “OK”.


Documents are viewable for a selected folder until you exit the folder or select “Restore Default Docs”. If the case is closed, the “Locate Docs” defaults to the original view upon subsequent access to the folder.

C. Copying documents from a prior electronic folder (EF)

If you determine you need the prior electronic folder documents in the current EF:

  • Lock the case with the Edit (Lock Case) button in the upper-right portion of the top frame;

    • Follow the instructions in DI 81005.052B in this section to view the prior EF documents;

    • Place a check in the box beside the document(s) you want copied;

    • Select “Copy Docs” at the bottom of the page;

    • Reselect the link “Locate Docs” when completed copying ; and

    • Select “Restore Default Docs” from the Locate Document screen.

Once you select “Restore Default Docs”, the Case Documents page displays the documents from the current EF and the copied documents from the prior EF(s). The copied document displays:

  • “CC” in the Level column, regardless of prior folder level; and

  • The date the document was originally added to a folder in the EF Received column.


The date the document was copied is in the “Date Copied to Current Folder” field, which is viewable by clicking on “Details”. The date copied field is only displayed when documents from a prior electronic folder(s) are copied into the current electronic folder.

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