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DI 81007.035 Receiving the i3368

Through 01/24/2014, the i3368 was a standalone Internet service. It was independent of any other Internet services provided by SSA. Effective 01/25/2014, Internet User (IU)s cannot submit an i3368 without first submitting an iClaim; the i3368 ceased to be a standalone service. This subchapter outlines what to do when an i3368 appears on the Internet Workload Management Information (iWMI) list or the IU reports having used the i3368.

A. The i3368 appears on the iWMI listing or the field office (FO) receives a cover sheet

If an i3368 appears on an iWMI listing or if the FO receives a cover sheet, determine whether the iClaim has been propagated to the Modernized Claims System (MCS).

  • Check whether the claimant received a medical denial within the past 60 days. If yes, contact the claimant to determine whether they want to pursue an initial claim or an appeal.

  • Propagate the iClaim to MCS if not already propagated.

1. MCS or MSSICS claim exists

If a claim exists in MCS or the Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS):

  • Create a case in EDCS to propagate the i3368 to EDCS.

  • Review the propagated i3368 for completeness;

  • Contact the claimant, proper applicant, or third party contact to resolve discrepancies and collect any missing information.

  • Document changes in the EDCS 3368.


    Complete the SSA–3369 in EDCS when necessary. See DI 11005.025.

  • Obtain a signed and dated SSA-827 - Authorization To Disclose Information To The Social Security Administration - if the claimant did not submit one electronically; and

  • Transfer the claim to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) when complete.

It is not possible to propagate the i3368 to EDCS if a case for the claimant is already pending at the DDS (e.g., the claimant filed an earlier Title XVI claim). If a case for the claimant is already at the DDS, take the following actions:

  • Request an Internet query and print a copy of the i3368. See DI 81007.070C.

  • Compare the information on the i3368 to the EDCS 3368; and

  • Use the update-after-transfer (UAT) function in EDCS to record discrepancies or additional information not in file. For details on the UAT, see DI 81010.095.

2. MCS or MSSICS claim do not exist

Unless the i3368 is a pipeline case (i.e., the user established the i3368 partial prior to 01/24/2014), it is not possible for the user to start an i3368 until submitting an iClaim. If the claim does not exist in MCS, take the following actions:

  • Check an Internet query to confirm the claimant submitted an iClaim. For information about Internet queries, see DI 81007.070;

  • If the Internet query shows that there is an iClaim submission for the claimant, open MCS and propagate the iClaim;

  • If the i3368 is a pipeline case, and there are no MCS or MSSICS claims, contact the claimant or proper applicant to take the claim in MCS or MSSICS, as appropriate;

  • If unsuccessful in obtaining a claim, follow the closeout procedures in GN 00204.012; and

  • Follow the procedures in DI 81010.020. for establishing a case in EDCS after establishing a claim in MCS or MSSICS.


Keep pipeline i3368s for the proper retention period outlined in GN 00204.010G. Follow closeout procedures in GN 00204.012C.

B. Individual reports using the Internet to complete an i3368

If an individual reports using the Internet to complete an i3368, check an Internet query to determine if a:

  • Finally transmitted i3368 exists, or

  • An i3368 partial exists.

1. Finally transmitted i3368 exists

If a finally transmitted i3368 exists, follow procedures in DI 81007.035A.1. in this section.

2. i3368 partial exists and can be reentered by the user

If an i3368 partial exists:

  • Ask the IU to transmit the Internet report by using the “Submit” button at the end of the i3368; and

  • Follow procedures in DI 81010.020.

3. i3368 partial exists and cannot be reentered by the IU

If an i3368 partial exists and the IU will not or cannot reenter to finally transmit:

  • Run an Internet query to gain access to the i3368 partial;

  • Print the i3368 partial; and

  • Transcribe the i3368 information from the printout of the partial into EDCS and follow procedures in DI 11018.005.


For requirements to obtain an additional third-party contact, see the last bullet in DI 11005.022C.

C. No record of an i3368

If there is no record of an i3368:

  • Follow current instructions to obtain the SSA-3368 information per DI 11005.018 - The Disability Interview Process, and

  • Key the information directly into EDCS.

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