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DI 81007.080 Internet Workload Management

Internet disability reports appear on the Internet Workload Management Information (iWMI) system. Internet Disability Reports (IDR) submitted by Internet Users (IU) appear on the iWMI list. The purpose of the iWMI system is to notify field offices (FO) of Internet forms that require action. The claimant’s SSN appears on the Submitted Disability Reports Listing (a listing of received Internet transmissions) the day after the IU submits the IDR.

REMINDER: FOs must do at least one follow up when SSA receives an iClaim but does not receive an i3368, see DI 11018.005 and GN 01010.410C. Likewise, FOs must do at least one follow up when an i3820 appears on the iWMI list but there is no record of a Title XVI claim for the child, see SI 00601.037.

A. Requesting the iWMI listing

To request the iWMI Listing:

  1. 1. 

    Open PCOM and log on.

  2. 2. 

    Select Function “25” (WMS Listings) from the SSA Menu (MAIN).

  3. 3. 

    Select “6” (Internet Disability WMI) from the Listing Request Main Menu (RQST) and Type of Request “1.”

  4. 4. 

    On the Internet Disability WMI-FO Listing Menu select:

    • Route Response to either Screen or Printer;

    • Listing Type either Full or Abbreviated; and

    • Select the type of report listing - “1” (All), “2” (3368), “3” (3820) or “4” (3441).

NOTE: If the user selects “4” (3441), the Internet Disability WMI-FO Selection Criteria Menu will appear. Select the Type of Appeal(s) to display or print. The choice “Unable to Determine” refers to i3441s submitted via a URL that does not match the individual’s notice title.

  • Select an Age Limit range from 001 to 999 days.

  • Select a Listing Sort Order.

B. Deleting SSNs from the iWMI listings

The WMI system does not have automated follow-up capability; if the SSN for a pending Internet Disability Report (IDR) is not removed, it remains on the iWMI list.

There are several ways to remove SSNs from the listing:

  • Propagate the Internet data into the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS);

  • Annotate the Shared Processes (IZ60) Internet query with a “Y” in the “Remove From WMI Listing” field; and

  • Annotate the Internet query with a “Y” in the “Delete This Report” field.

NOTE: Using this field does not immediately delete the record from the database. It marks the record for eventual purging, see DI 81007.080D.3.

C. Restoring SSN to list

Annotating the “Delete This Report” field with a “Y” prevents propagation of the Internet data into EDCS. If the record is still on the database, remove the “Y” to make the Internet data available for propagation. See DI 81007.080D.3. in this section

D. Field office (FO) annotations to the Internet query

To help in the processing of Internet reports, the query contains three fields for FO use.

NOTE: You must be in “Update” mode to use these fields.

1. Remarks

Use the “Remarks” field to enter information about the IDR that may be pertinent to case processing. Enter only remarks that apply to the particular Internet report. Do not use this field to control any Internet report development. For example, a remark that the FO contacted the claimant for missing information could be appropriate, but controlling for receipt of the information with a diary date in this field is not.

2. Remove from WMI listing

Enter a “Y” in this field when the Internet report cover sheet is received, or when a claim has been established, with or without the cover sheet. This entry is used for database maintenance to identify Internet report records that have been processed.

3. Delete this report

Enter a “Y” in this field to manually delete an SSN from the Internet database. (Using this field does not immediately delete the record from the database. It marks the record for eventual purging.) Generally, use this field for those cases that are not being processed using EDCS.

NOTE Annotating this field prevents EDCS from using the Internet report data. If the need to propagate the Internet report data into EDCS subsequently arises, delete the “Y.” The “Y” must be removed within 7 days to prevent purging of the record. Do not mark finally transmitted i3441 reports for deletion.

4. WMI listing fields that indicate EDCS involvement

For the list of codes for the DI field that are pertinent to the electronic process, see Title II Initial Claims WMI – FO Pending List (Print Display) MS MCSWMI 003.003.

The Title XVI WMI related MSOMS displays electronic processing values in the INDICATOR FIELD, see WMI-SSI Initial Claims Receipt/Clearances/Process Time List MS T16WMI 003.002.

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