TN 33 (10-23)

DI 81020.050 Onsite Scanning Procedures

A. General onsite scanning

Onsite scanning is the Disability Determination Services (DDS) process for scanning and indexing paper documents received from external sources into the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF). The DDS also has the option to send documents to the scanning contractor.

B. What not to scan

Do not scan any document that is produced electronically and automatically added to the CEF or that is not essential folder material, including the following:

  • Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) disability forms or self-help SSA-3368s (Disability Report – Adult), SSA-3441s (Disability Report – Appeal), or SSA-3820s (Disability Report – Child);

  • Disability Starter Kit Worksheets;

  • EDCS Routing Forms;

  • eForms that are electronically signed and uploaded to the CEF (see eForms - DI 81020.105);

  • Prior folders in their entirety (see Prior Folder Material - DI 81020.030); and

  • Case queries that can be recreated electronically (for guidance on the use of queries when documenting work history, see GN 04440.007 and for instructions on using and electronically adding queries to the CEF, DI 22515.020)

NOTE: The DDS should print and scan into the CEF any query that has adjudicative significance to the current determination (e.g., SSID that shows a prior Title XVI allowance on a Title II collateral estoppel claim).

C. What to Scan

Ensure that all disability documents received from external sources are scanned and indexed to the CEF except for those noted in Onsite Scanning Procedures what not to scan - DI 81020.050B in this section.

Follow local operating procedures to determine when documents are locally scanned by DDS or sent to the contract scanner.

D. DDS scanning quality assurance

Review all documents scanned by the DDS to ensure clarity and usability for on-screen viewing. Indicate that the scanned image is the best quality that can be achieved based on the condition or quality of the source document. An annotation to the worksheet or a notation entered in the “Note” field of the document in eView may be used to indicate that the “best quality image” was achieved.

NOTE: Scan medical evidence containing graphical elements in color if a bi-tonal image of the medical evidence cannot be clearly viewed onscreen (see Electronic Case Documentation - DI 81020.065).

E. Document Retention

Retain onsite scanned documents per Document Retention and Destruction - DI 81020.055.

F. DDS Sends Documents to Contractor

When the DDS opts to send documents to the contractor to be scanned:

  • Generate a barcode coversheet (see DMA Barcodes and Document Indexing - DI 81020.035);

  • Attach it to the evidence to be scanned; and

  • Mail the source documents to the scanning PO Box (see Contract Scanning Procedures - DI 81020.045).

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