TN 35 (11-21)

NL 00725.002 Descriptions of MCS Notices

This section explains the types of awards/notices MCS generates. MCS automatically generates complete notices for the following types of MCS clearance claims in English and Spanish. These notices consist of:

• A heading;

• Paragraphs that are system generated, FOs/PCs request with fill-in information, and FOs/PCs dictate;

• Captions separating the paragraphs;

• A signature line;

• A summary sheet if the PMA is greater than zero; or the CMA is greater than zero and an amount is withheld for an attorney fee, unpaid maritime taxes, alien withholdings or the date of entitlement to SMI is equal to or less than COM plus 1 month and a third party entitlement date is not appropriate or equal to the date of entitlement to SMI.

However, MCS does not generate the following notices for a representative payee claim: advance notice, notice to a denied payee applicant when multiple applicants file, and notice to a legal representative who is not the payee.

References: POMS GN 00503.100 explains the procedure FOs and PCs should follow in these situations.

Note: POMS NL 00725.001 lists all system-generated paragraphs.



Notice of Award (NOA)

MCS generates most award notices as a letter with a summary sheet.

  • Letter

The letter gives information about entitlement, payment, appeal rights, and other supporting information. (See NL 00601.010 for further explanation of information in an NOA.)

  • Payment Summary

MCS generates a payment summary that gives a mathematical explanation of a prior month accrual (PMA), current month accrual (CMA), scheduled future check (deferred payments) or the check that represents the continuing payment.

MCS does not generate a payment summary when:

  • no PMA check is payable and there are no subtractions (monthly benefit amount = monthly benefit payable) from the CMA check; or

  • a PMA check is payable and the only subtraction is rounding; or

  • no PMA or CMA check is payable because of foreign or domestic work deductions, but checks are scheduled for a future date (deferred payment).

Notice of Disapproved

Claim (NDC)

The MCS generated NDC contains the reason we disapproved the claim, gives appeal rights and contains other supporting information. (See NL 00601.020 for further information.)

Withdrawal Notice

MCS generates a withdrawal notice when a requesting a withdrawal of a claim received before processing an award or disallowance is approved. The notice contains a statement of approval and informs the claimant how and when to cancel the withdrawal.

Abatement Notice

MCS generates an abatement notice to an improper applicant. This notice contains a brief statement that explains why we cannot process the award.

Copy Cover Note

MCS generates a copy cover note which contains a short statement about the copy enclosed when it generates a copy to an incapable beneficiary or third party.


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