TN 24 (12-17)

NL 00725.400 “RPY” UTIs – Representative Payee

RPY006 Award Notice to Beneficiary in S8

If you know someone who can be your payee, please call us at either of the telephone numbers shown at the end of this letter. We will consider this person for your payee. Also, call us within the next 30 days if you do not hear from us. You may be able to get some payments directly while we make our decision.

RPY057 Representative Payee Appointed

We have chosen you to be  (1)  representative payee. Therefore  (2)  , you will receive  (3)  checks and use the money for  (4)  needs.

(1) “her”/“his”
(2) null/“if [2a] due benefits in the future”
[2a] “she is”/“he is”
(3) “her”/“his”
(4) “her”/“his”

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NL 00725.400 - “RPY” UTIs – Representative Payee - 12/21/2017
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