TN 24 (12-17)

NL 00725.405 “RRB” UTIs – Railroad Retirement Board

RRB001 Number Holder has at Least 120 Months of Railroad Service

The Railroad Retirement Board will make Social Security payments to you. This is because you, your spouse, or the person on whose Social Security record you filed worked for at least 10 years in the railroad industry.

RRB002 RRB Jurisdiction

The Railroad Board will write to let you know when you will get a check and how much it will be. If you are getting a Railroad Retirement annuity, they will also explain any reduction in your annuity because of your Social Security payments.

If you have not already applied for a Railroad Retirement annuity and wish to do so, you must apply at a Railroad Board office. They decide whether you can get an annuity.

The Railroad Retirement board will send you one check each month. This check will include your Social Security benefit and any Railroad Retirement annuity you are due.

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NL 00725.405 - “RRB” UTIs – Railroad Retirement Board - 12/21/2017
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