TN 47 (12-23)

RM 10210.015 Evidence Policy for a Replacement SSN Card

A. General requirements for a replacement SSN card

Evidence of identity is always required. The evidence of identity must match the existing Numident information per RM 10210.410C.

Additional evidence is required for:

  • An applicant who has exceeded either the 3-card yearly or 10-card lifetime limits for replacement SSN cards (evidence establishing a valid exception to the applicable limit is required per RM 10205.400);

  • A name change request, see RM 10212.001; or

  • A change to the Numident other than name information, see RM 10212.200.

B. Requirements for a work-authorized replacement card

In addition to the general requirements for a replacement card described in RM 10210.015A in this section:

  • A foreign-born U.S. citizen must provide evidence of U.S. citizenship;

    (EXCEPTION: Evidence of US citizenship is not required if proven on the Numident.) (See RM 10210.500)

  • An alien allowed to work (either foreign-born or US-born, see RM 10211.001) must provide evidence of a current work-authorized lawful alien status. (See RM 10211.510).

  • CAUTION: Never ask a noncitizen applicant to mail their immigration document to SSA. Under the law, noncitizens 18 years of age or older in the U.S. must have immigration documentation in their possession at all times. If they do not, they are subject to fine and/or imprisonment.

C. Requirements for a nonwork replacement SSN card

The only valid reason to issue a replacement SSN card for a nonwork purpose is when the alien provides evidence of a new (different), current, valid nonwork need for an SSN.

In these cases, an alien (either US-born or foreign-born) without work authorization must provide, in addition to the general requirements in RM 10210.015A in this section, evidence establishing:

  • A valid nonwork need for an SSN card, per RM 10211.600A; and

  • A new (different), current, valid nonwork need for a replacement SSN card per RM 10211.600A.

NOTE: Exceptions to evidence of lawful alien status apply for aliens residing outside the US per RM 10211.600 and for undocumented aliens per RM 10211.500.

D. Requirements when correcting Numident information only

When an alien who is not eligible for an SSN card provides acceptable evidence (per RM 10212.001) to correct the Numident information, process the SSN application to update the Numident information and suppress the issuance of a card. For additional information, see RM 10211.500.

E. Reference

RM 10210.010, Evidence Policy for an Original or New SSN

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