GN 00302.115 First Priority Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age

A. Introduction

The chart below lists the documents in the first priority list of automatically convincing evidence. It also outlines the procedures to use to establish the DB when such evidence is present.

B. Rule

Ask for records from the first priority list. If any such record is readily available (i.e., within 10 working days of the request), you must obtain it. Note that, except for the Canadian delayed birth record, all documents in C. below must be domestic records.

C. Procedures


IF one of the following first priority documents is in file... AND the DB alleged, the DB on the NUMIDENT, and the DB on other evidence in file are... AND any difference is... THEN...
  1. 1. 

    Family Bible(s) or other family records which appear to have been recorded before age 36

The same


Establish the DB as alleged.

  1. 2. 

    School or school census records recorded before age 21

  1. 3. 

    1910, 1920, or 1930 Federal census records

NOTE: See GN 00302.180 for the special tolerance applicable where such a record creates a discrepancy.


Ignorable per
GN 00302.180

Establish the DB as alleged.

  1. 4. 

    Domestic or Canadian delayed birth record established before age 55 (whether or not the basis of the record is shown, unless, if the basis is shown, it contains a DB discrepancy on its face (see GN 00302.540))



Follow GN 00302.165-GN 00302.170 to establish the DB.

  1. 5. 

    State census records for the years 1905 or 1915


Not Material

Follow GN 00302.240 to establish the DB.

  1. 6. 

    Insurance policies taken out before age 21

  2. 7. 

    INS arrival records (including I-151) recorded before age 31

  3. 8. 

    Religious records recorded before age 18

  4. 9. 

    Newspaper birth announcements


D. Important

If any DB reflected in file is materially discrepant from the allegation or from other evidence in file, follow GN 00302.165-GN 00302.180 to establish the DB.

E. Note

A 1910, 1920, or 1930 Federal census record does not have to be requested if a second priority document is available or more quickly obtainable.

F. Marriage certificate in lieu of other SSA record

A marriage record established before age 36 may be substituted for the other SSA record where a NUMIDENT record does not exist (see GN 00302.100 D. and GN 00302.120) if it corroborates one of the first 5 documents listed above, and if the marriage record substantially agrees with the allegation.

When only the claimant's age appears on the marriage record, at least one other supportive document must show month and year of birth. If the claimant alleges a DB on the first or, if material, the second day of the month, the day must also be shown; the day must also be shown if the individual is an SSI applicant whose first month of eligibility is the month of attainment of age 65.

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