GN 00302.165 Guides for Evaluating Evidence of Age

A. General

Determining a claimant's DB when there is a material discrepancy requires that the adjudicator evaluate the probative value of the documents in file.

Determining the probative value of any document is a matter of judgment, but a sound decision can be made by examining all of the facts surrounding the establishment of the record.

B. Principles for evaluating age evidence

The date the evidence was established is important. However, it is not the only criterion. To evaluate the probative value of any document as evidence of age, consider all of the following factors:

Evaluation Factor Relevant Questions
Age of evidence or date established How old was the claimant at the time the record was established?
Purpose for which established Would there have been a reason for falsification?
Basis for record • Was proof of age required?
• Who furnished DB information?
Formality • Was the record made under oath?
• Was the record witnessed?
• Was a penalty provided for a false statement?
Custody of document Has it been in the possession of one who might have reason to change it?

Way in which age information is recorded

  • Is a specific DB shown?

  • Is only the age given?

  • Does the document show whether the age was recorded as of the last, next, or nearest birthday?


C. Important

When a number of documents are submitted, each document must be evaluated based on the above factors and in relation to the other evidence of age in file.

D. Consider identity

When evaluating a document, check all identifying information shown on the record (e.g., claimant's name, parents' names, place of birth) to be certain that it is the claimant's record.

If there is a discrepancy in the claimant's name, see GN 00302.460 - GN 00302.470.

Explain any other variance which brings into question the identity of the individual listed on the document.

E. Note

The fact that a document is listed as automatically convincing in GN 00302.115 and GN 00302.118 has no bearing on its value in a discrepancy situation. The data establishing the probative value of particular types and ages of documents in nondiscrepancy cases show no relation with the findings on the value of the same documents in discrepancy cases.

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