GN 00302.630 Navajo Indian Tribal Census Rolls

A. Policy

Certifications from the official Navajo Indian tribal census rolls of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs may be treated as public records of birth. Thus, a birth or religious record need not be sought if

  • The file contains such a certification, and

  • The individual was enrolled in the tribal census before age 5.

B. Basis for records

Navajo tribal census records are normally established at birth based on copies of the same hospital notice as those sent to the various public recorders serving the Navajo reservations.

C. Location of records

These records are maintained at Window Rock, Arizona.

D. How to request information from records

  • Make requests for information from these records on Form SSA-562-U3 go through the FO DOC 861, 2070 East AZTEC, GALLUP NM 87301.

  • Include the following information about the claimant:

    • Full name (including Indian name and nicknames), and

    • DB, and

    • Place of birth (if known), and

    • Parents' names (including Indian names and nicknames), and

    • Parents' census number, and

    • The individual Navajo census number involved.

    NOTE: Altered Tribal Census Records must be carefully evaluated in combination with other documents if a material discrepancy exists.

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