TN 29 (04-21)

GN 00302.640 Seneca Indian Tribal Census Rolls

A. Policy

Certifications from the tribal census rolls of the Seneca Nation of Indians may be treated as public records of birth under the same conditions as for Navajo Indians (see GN 00302.630).

B. Basis for records

From 1882 until about 1940, a yearly census was conducted in the Seneca Indian Nation. Beginning about 1906, these census records were based on New York State birth records. The individual's specific DB was recorded in the first census taken after his/her birth.

C. Location of records

  • The records are maintained by the clerk of the Seneca Nation. The clerk is changed every 2 years when the headquarters of the Nation is rotated between the Allegheny reservation in Salamanca, N.Y. (serviced by the Olean FO) and the Cattaraugus reservation in Irving, N.Y. (serviced by the Dunkirk FO).

  • The records will be in Salamanca from November 1982 to November 1984; they will then return to Irving for 2 years and continue to rotate in November of even-numbered years.

D. How to request records

  • Make requests for these records on the e562 through the appropriate servicing office (see C. above).

  • Include the following information about the claimant:

    • Name at birth, and

    • DB, and

    • Parents' names.

    NOTE: There is no charge to members of the Seneca Nation.

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