TN 49 (03-19)

GN 00605.352 Title XVI and Concurrent Final Accounting Selection Criteria

A. Policy - When a final accounting is required

Representative payees (payee) who are exempt from annual representative payee accounting are not selected for final accounting, see GN 00605.015 for a list of exempted payees. For all other Title XVI (or concurrent Title II/Title XVI) cases, the field office (FO) must obtain a final accounting report when a payee’s appointment terminates and the former payee has served 12 months or less.

B. Procedure – Selection for Final Accounting

1. Title XVI

When processing a change of payee action, the FO will query the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) to determine whether a final accounting is required.

If the date in the REPY S: MMDDYY field on the SSR is 12 months or less from the month of input of the change of payee, a final accounting is required. If there is no REPY S field, look at the PRSN AP: MMDDYY field. If the date is 12 months or less, request a final accounting.

2. Concurrent (Title II and Title XVI)

Check the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) and SSR for the former payee’s date of selection. The payee information on both queries should coincide. If either query indicates that an annual accounting form was previously sent to the former payee, a final accounting is not required and a Representative Payee Report form does not have to be sent.

NOTE: If different payees appear on the SSR and MBR, determine which payee is proper and develop for the appointment of the same payee for both claims.

3. Exceptions

Exceptions to this requirement for obtaining a final accounting report:

  • the former payee has died;

  • the former payee is a State institution participating in the onsite review program; or

  • the former payee is exempt from annual accounting requirements per GN 00605.015.

NOTE: If the former payee has died and conserved funds are involved, follow the guidelines for handling conserved funds upon the death of a payee in GN 00603.110.

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