GN 00605.385 Review and Input of Conserved Funds Returned to SSA

A. Title II

For Title II cases not chosen by automated final accounting the PC will compare the amount reported on the prior accounting with the amount of conserved funds returned. For information on the Title II final accounting automated selection criteria, see GN 00605.250. If the amount returned appears consistent with the prior accounting, recertify the conserved funds to the successor payee or beneficiary in accordance with GN 00603.070. See NL 00703.354 and NL 00703.356 for the notice to be sent to the new payee.

Document conserved funds on a log sheet by CAN, PIC, BIC, and amount forward it to: OCRO, 300 N. Green Street, Baltimore, MD 21201, Attn: OSS-DO NOT OPEN IN MAILROOM.

B. Title XVI or Dual Entitlement Cases

The FO will follow the same procedures as provided for title II cases. Record conserved funds in accordance with SM 01301.639. In dual entitlement cases, record conserved funds as title XVI. Request the prior accounting form from OCRO. Forward requests for retrieving the SSA-623-SM on SSA-2339-U3 with a copy of the SSIRD, the beneficiary's name, and the SSN under which benefits are paid to:

OCRO, Validation Branch

5-P-1 South Building

Attn: Analysis Staff

300 North Greene Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Check the DIAR (diary data) portion of the SSI-record display for the AR diary. If there is an AR diary present, the prior year's accounting has not been completed. Diary the case for an additional 30 days but do not delay release of the conserved funds. In concurrent cases, the payee will have accounted for both benefits under title XVI.

Resolve any discrepancies. If the amount appears to be in order, recertify to the successor payee or recipient in accordance with SM 01901.005.

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