TN 11 (06-97)

GN 00904.120 Action required by assisting FO - guide for development clerks

A. Procedure — general

Tally the SSA-562-U3, prepare pending folder and initiate requested action.

Form SSA-562-U3 has a certification block on the reverse side of the original copy for certification of proof of age, relationship or citizenship and marriage.

The SSA-562-U3 should not be used for the following certifications:

  • Foreign-language documents (use only for English-language documents).

  • For translations.

  • Where more than one proof of age, relationship or citizenship or marriage is to be certified.

  • Where certification of proof of death or service in the Armed Forces is required.

  • To abstract any court order (e.g., divorce, annulment and adoption decrees).

  • If detailed comments are to be recorded.

  • If entries on documents or records to be certified ARE NOT FREE from erasures, insertion of a word or words or other alterations and the general appearance of the document on the record is not satisfactory to establish authenticity. Form SSA-704 should be used.

B. Procedure — tickle dates

Tickle the folder for 15 days from the date of receipt of SSA-562-U3 with the following exceptions:

  • Requests for information from military service departments or record center — 85 days.

  • Requests to VARO in Manila; initial followup — 60 days, subsequent followup — 30 days.

  • Requests to FBU in Athens — 60 days; subsequent followups — 30 days.

  • Requests to FSP's in Mexico — 45 days; subsequent followups — 30 days.

  • For diary periods on requests to the Claims Development Branch of the OIO for foreign contacts, refer to GN 00904.245.

C. Procedure — progress reports

Complete progress reports by doing the following:

  • Send page 2 of the SSA-562-U3 to the requesting FO on the tickle date or earlier if you know that the development will be delayed. Show the anticipated completion date. After the initial progress report, subsequent reports are not required.

  • If you receive a request for a progress report from the requesting office and have not already sent the requested information or a progress report, complete and return the progress report to the requesting FO.

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