TN 14 (04-02)

GN 00904.245 Initial and follow-up diaries

A. Procedure — FO requests

Do not diary requests for the development of foreign claims made to OIO, a Canadian border FO or VARO in Manila. The foreign claim will not be returned to the domestic FO.

Avoid routine status requests. However, if an inquiry is received which cannot be answered by obtaining an MBR, request the status.

Consider OIO's diary periods, as shown in GN 00904.245B. when preparing diaries for third-party contacts outside the U.S.

B. Procedures — initial diary periods

Diary requests for assistance from FSPs for 60 days, with the following exceptions:

Diary Period:


45 Days


90 Days


120 Days

Czech Republic

Portugal—Requests involving contacts (mail or personal) in the Azores and those requesting medical evidence from the Madeira Islands. The normal 60-day diary applies to all other requests.

C. Procedure — follow-up diaries

When an FSP submits a status report on an outstanding request, diary for an additional 30 days or the expected completion date, whichever is later.

Refer any case to Center for Program Support-International (CPS-I) in OIO in which the FSP advises that it is unable to perform a requested service.

1. No reply upon expiration of initial diary period

Send a follow-up and rediary for an additional 30 days.

2. Request outstanding at expiration of second diary, or extended diary period

A technical assistant (or other designated individual) will review the file to ensure the development is necessary to adjudication of the claim or other related issue.

If the development is not needed to process the claim or related issue, advise the FSP to cancel the request for services.

If the development is needed and can be secured from another source, do this. Advise the FSP to cancel the request for services.

If the development is necessary and it cannot be secured from another source, make a second follow-up as follows:

a. FSP within the service area of a federal benefits officer (fbo) or ssa technical advisor:

  • Send a status request by teletype to the FSP in question. Mark the follow-up prominently “second request.”

  • Send an informational copy of the teletype to CPS-I or the SSA Technical Advisor within whose jurisdiction the FSP is located (as shown in GN 00904.210).

  • Make subsequent follow-ups at 30-day intervals by sending a legible copy of the initial request for services and a copy of the second follow-up to CPS-I via OF-41. Annotate the OF-41 in red as to whether it is the third, fourth, etc. request. CPS-I will make the follow-ups.

b. All other FSPs:

  • Send a photocopy of the development request to CPS-I by OF-41 for follow-up action. CPS-I will bring the outstanding request to the attention of the Department of State and ask for expedited action.

  • Subsequent follow-ups will be made at 30-day intervals, as explained in item a. of GN 00904.245C.2.

  • Each time a copy is sent to CPS-I for follow-up, include the dates of the previous follow-ups for CPS-I's use in coordinating with the Department of State.

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