TN 7 (03-90)

GN 00905.174 FO Requests for Third-party Contacts in Greece

A. Procedure— In Greece

Refer requests to IBO in DIO if the claimant or beneficiary is in Greece.

B. Procedure— not in Greece

If there is no claimant or beneficiary in Greece, take action as follows:

1. General

Request development directly by SSA-562-U3 (Request for Assistance/ Certification of Document(s) or Record(s)) from the FBU in Athens. Provide a full explanation of the development needed. Attach clear and complete copies of all pertinent documents.

Address the request to:


    American Embassy

    Federal Benefit Unit

    PSC 108 Box 31

    APO AE 09842

Note: FBU returns any request which is not clear or complete to the requesting office for clarification before it undertakes any development.

2. Proof of age development

Use an SSA-1200, Request for Examination of Greek Records, as explained in GN 00307.523. Include the identifying information listed in GN 00307.522.

Send the request directly to the FBU in Athens as explained in 1.

3. Diary periods

Diary requests as explained in GN 00904.245.

If no reply is received by the end of the second diary period, send a copy of the initial request (including all attachments) to the International Operations and Totalization Staff (IOTS) in OIO. (IOTS will take action to secure the needed development.)

Make any necessary subsequent followups at 30 day intervals with IOTS.

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