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GN 02605.060 Title XVI Undeliverable Notices



SSA now prints the servicing field office address as the return address for all SSI Notices, instead of printing central office's address. In the past, any undeliverable notices were returned to central office and then sent to the servicing FO for development and re-mailing whenever possible. The change was made in order to speed up the processing time for address corrections and notice delivery.



FOs are responsible for locating individuals and correcting addresses when they receive undeliverable initial claim (IC) and posteligibility (PE) notices, including come-in/call-in letters.


1. Attempt to Find Correct Address/Locate Claimant/Recipient

  • If returned mail is addressed to a claimant/recipient (not to a payee), follow the instructions in SI 02301.240D. to locate a claimant/recipient.

  • If the envelope is marked "Deceased," follow the procedure in GN 02602.050B.

2. Attempt to Find Correct Address/Locate Representative Payee

  • If the returned mail is a request for information material to develop or redevelop eligibility (such as the SSA-L8009-U3, SSA-L8003-U2, SSA-L8004-U2, SSA-L3074-U2, SSA-L3075-U2, etc.), do not immediately deny or suspend benefits (N18 or N20).

  • If, after taking reasonable steps to locate per SI 02301.240D., you are unable to find the payee, follow instructions in GN 00504.100.

    Exception: In IC situations a field visit to the claimant's last known address is not required.

3. Efforts to Locate Individual Are Successful

a. Notice Contains Appeal Rights

Notices with Appeal Rights Giving 10 or 30 Days for Response —

(These are Notices of Planned Action (SSA-L8155) and overpayment notices (SSA- L8170 and SSA-L8173).) Since advance notice is required to reduce, suspend, or terminate payment, if the 10 (or 30) day response period has expired, resume payment and remail the notice as is. Attach it to the Undeliverable Cover Letter (UCL). (See GN 02605.060E., EXHIBIT)

All Other Notices with Appeal Rights —

Remail the notice, as is, under the UCL. (See GN 02605.060E., EXHIBIT)

b. Notice Does Not Contain Appeal Rights

If the notice does not contain appeal rights and does not require a response, remail the notice as is. Do not use the UCL.

c. Written Request for Information/Appointment or Protective Filing Closeout Letter

If the letter is a written request for information/appointment, or a protective filing closeout letter, retype and remail it with the current date and update the contents as necessary. Do not use the UCL. Apply this rule to the SSA-L305-U3, SSA-L991-U3, SSA-L8003-U2, SSA-L8004-U2, SSA-L8009-U3, SSA- L8024-U3, SSA-L3074-U2, SSA-L3075-U2, and any other similar requests that require a response.

If the letter is a written request for information, follow instructions in SI 02301.235. If the letter is a protective filing closeout, follow instructions in SI 00601.035.

d. Address Changes

If the address has changed, input the COA to the system and develop for living arrangement changes, if appropriate. See SI 00835.001 for living arrangement development and SM 01005.400 through SM 01005.430 for IC systems input instructions. Determine if any other events occurred that may require an unscheduled redetermination (per SI 02305.022).

4. Efforts to Locate Individual Fail

For IC situations, see SI 02301.240. for when to deny benefits based on whereabouts unknown.

For PE situations, follow instructions in SI 02301.240E. Check for suspending payments for whereabouts unknown (S06). The system will generate a Notice of Planned Action that explains we will not send any more payments until the claimant/recipient/representative payee contacts a Social Security office.


5. Fee for Returned Mail

If FOs receive any documents from the USPS regarding charging a fee for returned mail,

  • FOs should send the letter in Exhibit F to Post Offices, and

  • USPS will charge the fee for returned mail to Central Office (G11 Permit), and not to FOs.





Social Security Administration

Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance

Important Information



                                                                                                                                    FO Address

                                                                                                                                    Claim Number






The United States Postal Service returned the enclosed letter to us. Our records show that you have a different mailing address than the one shown on the letter, so we are forwarding it to you at your new address.


Some information in the enclosed letter may be old and you may have received a more recent letter on the same subject that was delivered to you. You do not have to contact us about the old letter unless:


You have a question;




You disagree with any of the facts or the decision, and you wish to appeal.


If You Disagree With The Decision


If you disagree with any of the facts or the decision in the enclosed letter, you have the right to appeal. Your appeal period begins the day you receive this letter. Please see the enclosed letter for a complete explanation of your appeal rights. If you do want to appeal, please refer to this letter and the enclosed letter when you contact us.


Field Office Manager














October 29, 2002




Social Security Administration is authorized to receive postage due items under OMAS (Official Mail Accounting System).


The following excerpt is from the Official Mail Handbook DM-103, Part 29:


"Agencies that are authorized to use penalty mail are billed for all postage due mail through OMAS."


The Handbook also stipulates that post offices are not to accept payment (cash, penalty stamps, or metered postage) from agencies for penalty postage due mail.


Any questions regarding the above, please call me at (410) 347-4464.


Thank you.


Frank Hentschel

U.S.P.S. National Account Manager







BALTIMORE MD 21236-9998


FAX: 410-234-8650


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