TN 89 (07-23)

GN 02607.780 Processing Title II and Title XVI Concurrent Prisoner Cases

A. Procedure - concurrent prisoner PUPS records

In concurrent cases, each title will have its own pending PUPS record. Complete all development and update each record separately. We will suspend title XVI benefits on the earliest report of the confinement. We will suspend title II benefits on the earliest report of the conviction and confinement. In some cases, you will take the title XVI suspension on one PUPS record and the title II suspension on a different PUPS record. See the instructions in GN 02607.600 for development actions required on title II cases. See GN 02607.700 for processing the PUPS alert on title II cases.


Kelly (title XVI and title II beneficiary) goes to jail on 4/2/00 and remains in jail until Kelly goes to trial. SSA received a report from the Big City Jail on 5/5/00 stating they have confined our beneficiary. We suspended benefits on the title XVI record beginning 05/00 and continuing because Kelly was confined in an institution at public expense throughout the calendar month of 05/00. Kelly went to trial on 6/15/01 and was not convicted of a crime. The title II PUPS alert was closed as "NO SUSPENSION." Kelly's title II disability benefits were not suspended because Kelly was not convicted.

NOTE (1): When contacting an institution for information, develop for all information that is needed to resolve both the title II and title XVI issues. Do not contact an institution twice to obtain information for the same individual.

NOTE (2) See GN 02607.790D for information about contacting Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities. For Federal Bureau of Prison PUPS Alerts (RID Code: 3BOP), see GN 02607.790 for processing.

B. Procedure – Title XVI PUPS record processing

For information on processing of title XVI PUPS records and alerts, see in GN 02607.705.

C. Procedure – Title II PUPS record processing

See the chart in GN 02607.700 through GN 02607.755 for processing title II PUPS records and alerts.

D. Procedure – transferring concurrent PUPS records

Do not transfer concurrent PENDING PUPS records to the PC/OCO-ODO. The PC/OCO-ODO does not work title XVI cases.

The FO will process the title XVI PUPS PENDING record according to the processing instructions in GN 02607.705. After the title XVI PUPS PENDING record is closed, the title II PUPS PENDING record can be transferred to the PC/OCO-ODO, if necessary. See GN 02607.465B. for instances where the FO can transfer title II PUPS PENDING records to the PC/OCO-ODO.

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