TN 34 (10-23)

RS 01702.221 Processing the Waiver


1. Claimant Action

If the surviving spouse decides to waive the annuities, they should secure the waiver form from OPM. After signing the form they should return it directly to OPM for approval.

2. OPM Action

Upon receipt of the waiver, OPM will notify SSA that the annuities have been waived, and tell us the last month for which they were paid. This notice will be sent to the designated Washington, D.C. FO for transmittal to the FO servicing the address of the principal claimant shown on the notice.

3. FO Action

After receiving the notice of waiver from OPM, the FO prepares an award. Include the pre-1957 MS wage credits for the first month for which no civil service annuities were paid as shown on the notice from OPM, but not for any month before 1/57.

4. PC Action

If the claim is accompanied by a notice of waiver of civil service annuities, pre-1957 MS wage credits should be granted, unless precluded for other reasons. Benefits based in whole or in part on the wage credits will be effective with the month shown in 3. Where notice of waiver is received after the award or disallowance action has been taken, the PC will take the appropriate action.

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