RS DEN01702.230 How To Use Military Service Development Chart

See RS 01702.230

This chart is intended only as a guide. It does not alter or replace existing POMS instructions. It is to be used only for military service during the period 1/1/51 through 12/31/56. The term "usable" in the chart is an indication that we can use military service for computation and/or insured status purposes. Proof of the military service must still be obtained.

If used for the computation and/or insured status, proof must be obtained for all dates of military service performed during September 1940 through December 1967. Even though military service is posted from 1957 on, proof is necessary in order to grant the $300 deemed quarterly wage credits for 1957 through 1967.

Apply the chart by reading from left to right, until you have determined that the military service is usable (without further development), not usable (without further development), or additional development (e.g. SSA-654, SSA-655) is necessary before a decision can be made.

See paper supplement to see the chart.

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