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RS 01702.356 Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Use of Military Service (MS)

A. OPM’s use of post-1956 MS beginning 10/1/1982

Effective October 1, 1982, OPM factors post-1956 MS in the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) annuity computation based on when a worker began Federal employment or retirement.

OPM’s use of post-1956 MS does not affect Social Security benefits.

1. Federal employment under CSRS began before 10/1/1982

Federal employees already on the rolls on October 1, 1982 had the option of either:

  • including post-1956 MS in the initial computation of their CSRS annuities; and later, having their OPM annuities recomputed to exclude the post-1956 MS effective with the month of Social Security eligibility; or

  • permanently including post-1956 MS in their CSRS annuities by making an interest-free deposit of 7 percent of their basic military pay after 1956.

An employee who missed the interest-free deadline of October 1, 1985, may still make the deposit with OPM before retirement, but will incur an interest charge based on the U.S. government securities rates in effect when making the deposit.

2. CSRS retirement began before 10/1/1982

Employees who retired before October 1, 1982 had, at age 62, their CSRS annuities recomputed to restore credit for MS after 1956, but OPM reduced the annuities by a dollar amount equal to the portion of their Social Security benefit attributable to MS after 1956.

3. Federal employment under CSRS beginning 10/1/1982 or later

Federal workers first employed in a position subject to CSRS on or after October 1, 1982 will receive credit for post-1956 MS only if they deposit a sum equal to 7 percent of the military basic pay they earned during the period of military service. If they make the deposit within 2 years of being hired, OPM charges no interest. If they delay in making the deposit, OPM charges interest based on the U.S. government securities rates in effect when making the deposit.

B. OPM’s use of MS prior to 10/1/1982

Before October 1, 1982, when a CSRS annuitant retired before age 62, OPM credited post-1956 MS in the CSRS annuity computation. If the CSRS annuitant later became eligible for a Social Security benefit that included credit for post-1956 MS, OPM recomputed the annuity to exclude the MS effective with the month of Social Security eligibility. If a CSRS annuity began in or after the month of Social Security eligibility, OPM did not use the post-1956 MS in the initial annuity computation.

NOTE: For CSRS annuity recomputation purposes, OPM considered the month of Social Security eligibility to be the month:

  • of attainment of age 62 for retirement benefits;

  • of attainment of age 65 for disability benefits; or

  • the number holder’s death for survivor benefits.

C. Public inquiries about OPM’s use of post-1956 MS

If you receive an inquiry about OPM’s use of post-1956 MS or an age 62 adjustment, explain that the Civil Service Retirement Act governs these actions and OPM administers them. The inquirer should contact OPM directly by mail or fax. The OPM mailing address is:

U.S. Office of Personnel Management ROC
PO Box 45
Boyers, PA 16017
OPM’s fax number is 724-794-6633.

D. Inquiry from OPM – Form RI 38-33

1. OPM sends the RI 38-33

OPM is responsible for replying to inquiries or complaints relating to age 62 adjustments. If OPM needs earnings and coverage information to respond to an inquiry, it sends the form RI 38-33 (Request for Verification of OASDI Eligibility) to the Office of Central Operations’ Division of Earnings and Business Services (DEBS) for the required data.

2. DEBS completes the RI 38-33

The RI 38-33 contains:

  • the name of the employee,

  • address,

  • Social Security Number,

  • date of birth, and

  • periods of pre-1957 military service.

Use the check blocks on the reverse of the form to:

  • show earnings record information, and

  • confirm data provided by OPM.

There is also a remarks block and spaces to identify the DEBS technician and office.

Do not use the periods of pre-1957 MS shown on the RI 38-33 as exclusive proof of pre-1957 military service, but consider them along with other evidence when preferred proof is not available.

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