TN 52 (03-24)

RS 01702.370 Notices of In-Service Death and Missing in Action Received From Service Departments

A. Reports of death and missing in action

When a veteran is missing in action (MIA) or dies while on active duty service or training, the military department sends a DD Form 1300 (Report of Casualty) to the Mid-Atlantic Payment Service Center (MATPSC) to expedite any potential survivor claims. Field offices (FO) and payment centers (PC) may also encounter the DD Form 1300 in connection with a survivor claim.

1. Report of death

If reporting a death, the DD Form 1300 serves as:

  • a protective filing;

  • proof of death;

  • proof of military service for the periods shown; and

  • an indication of service prior to the last entry date on the form. Develop proof of military service for the prior period per RS 01701.005.

2. Report of MIA status

Accept a DD Form 1300 showing MIA status as a protective filing for all potentially eligible auxiliaries on the number holder’s earnings record. A valid DD Form 1300 establishes a protective filing date for the survivors based on a finding of presumed death. For more information on the DD Form 1300 as a protective filing in MIA cases, see GN 00204.010F.1.

If the status changes from MIA to killed in action, use the MIA date as the date of death for benefit purposes. Use earnings through the MIA year in the computation. Presume that the widow(er) or children were living in the same household for the lump-sum death payment purposes. If the service department later determines an actual date of death, use the actual date of death for survivor claims.

B. FO action upon receipt of DD Form 1300

1. Survivor claim already filed

Scan the DD Form 1300 into the Non Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents (NDRED) using the Evidence Portal (EP).

2. Survivor claim not previously filed

If the number holder is insured, develop any potential survivor claim following instructions in GN 00207.055.

If the number holder is not insured, determine if there are any survivors who would be eligible for monthly benefits if the number holder had been insured.

a. Veteran not insured, but an otherwise eligible survivor exists

If the DD Form 1300 shows that the veteran died in service, develop the claim for the special Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) payment as instructed in RS 01702.540 through RS 01702.556.

b. Veteran not insured and no eligible survivors exist

If there are no eligible survivors, do not send notice to the VA unless you receive a VA Form 21-4180 (Request for Certification by Social Security Administration). For more information on the VA Form 21-4180, see RS 01702.580.

C. Payment center processing

1. Payment center receives DD Form 1300

If the number holder is:

  • insured and the survivor(s) has not filed a claim, develop any potential survivor claim following instructions in GN 00207.055;

  • insured and the survivor is receiving benefits, or is potentially entitled to the survivor benefit already claimed then scan the DD Form 1300 into NDRED. Do not send a notice to the VA; or

  • not insured and the special VA non-insured payment may be payable, prepare or review an award for the eligible survivor(s) following instructions in RS 01702.553.

2. Payment center receives claim for special VA payment

When an FO sends a claim for the special VA payment, review the award following instructions in RS 01702.553 through RS 01702.558. If approved, send the Form SSA-101-U3 (Determination of Award), and all attachments, to the VA at the address shown in RS 01702.560.

3. Survivor claims by phone

The MATPSC’s Workload Support Unit (WSU) has a toll-free telephone number (1-800-772-1213) that survivors may call to file expedited military service claims. For details on the expedited claims procedures, see GN 00207.055.

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