TN 16 (11-92)

RS 01702.553 Preparation of Award (SSA/VA)


If the claim has not been transmitted to the PC, the FO prepares the award; otherwise the PC prepares the award.


Certify the award of the special payment to the VA on an award form SSA-101-U3. Two award forms are required if an LSDP and monthly benefits are payable — one for the LSDP and the other for the VA. If one of the claimants dies before we certify benefits to the VA, add the accrued underpayment due the deceased to the award of VA payments.

If the award is based on a notice of in-service death and the VA submits form VA 21-4180, complete block 10, enter the date of the award, and return the form to the VA. If the award has not been sent, send both forms to the VA at the same time.

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RS 01702.553 - Preparation of Award (SSA/VA) - 07/29/1996
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