TN 16 (11-92)

RS 01702.554 Preparation of Disallowance (SSA/VA)


1. RSI Claims - Payment Certified to VA

Do not prepare a disallowance for RSI purposes - the folder copy of the award will serve to dispose of the RSI claim.

Although the certification of payments to VA constitutes a disallowance, do not notify claimants of the disallowance or of certification to VA.

If the VA notifies the PC that the certified payments cannot be made, prepare a disallowance. If some but not all of the claimants are being certified to the VA, prepare a formal disallowance for each claimant not certified to the VA.

2. Non-Insured Claims

Prepare a disallowance for non-insured claims if:

  1. a. 

    SSA receives a VA 21-4180 for a survivor (other than the widow(er) who is not currently eligible to receive the special payment;

  2. b. 

    a parent has established one-half support and is potentially eligible for benefits at age 62, (indicate this in block 11B); or

  3. c. 

    the widow(er) will not be eligible to receive the special payment at age 60.

NOTE: If the widow(er) will be eligible at age 60, do not prepare a disallowance; check block B. of item 11 on the 21-4180.

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