TN 16 (11-92)

RS 01702.564 Recertification by the VA - Policy

The amount certified to the VA by SSA is payable by the VA each month unless:

  • SSA sends an amended award to increase or decrease the benefit rate; or

  • The VA receives notice of death of the beneficiary, marriage of a child, remarriage of the widow(er), or failure of the widow(er) to have at least one child in care; or

  • A child attains 18; or

  • SSA advises the VA that a deduction or terminating event has occurred.

If the VA withholds a payment based on information that it received, the VA will notify SSA of the withholding and send SSA a copy of the evidence. The VA will not resume payment until we send an amended award.

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RS 01702.564 - Recertification by the VA - Policy - 07/10/1995
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