TN 16 (11-92)

RS 01702.566 Payment By the VA


1. Mode of Payment

The VA combines all payments to a widow and children in one check when they reside together. The VA will select its own payee or fiduciary. The award notice from the VA will advise the applicant that this action is the result of development by SSA, and will refer the applicant to the servicing SSA FO for information.

2. Notice of Award or Amended Award

  1. a. 

    VA sends to the SSA PC:

    • one copy of the VA award; and

    • two copies of the award notice sent to the claimant.

  2. b. 


    • sends one copy of the VA award notice to the servicing SSA FO; and

    • files remaining copy of VA award notice and the copy of the award.

These copies are retained for information purposes.

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