TN 18 (08-23)

DI 13005.035 Exceptions to the Personal Contact

A. Introduction

A personal contact is recommended, but not required, in each CDR case to help ensure that beneficiaries have a full opportunity to present their cases. The contact should be made with:

  • the beneficiary; if there is no mental impairment; or either

  • the beneficiary only or both the beneficiary and the payee, if there is one, when the beneficiary has a physical impairment only; or

  • the payee only, if there is one, when the beneficiary has a mental impairment.

B. Policy for waiving the personal contact

In the following situations, a personal contact may always be waived:

  • If the relationship between the representative payee and the individual is an official one (e.g., an institution, government agency);

  • If the individual or representative payee agrees or requests that the CDR be conduced by mail;

  • If the beneficiary resides in a foreign country, unless the individual is in a U.S. field office;

  • If a notice of work activity is received in a title II MIP or MINE diaried case. A CDR will not be conducted immediately (unless medical improvement is alleged). A trial work diary will be established and a notice will be sent informing the beneficiary that the individual will be contacted at the expiration of the TWP.

  • If a 1619 CDR has been initiated from ODO, see DI 13005.016.

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