TN 2 (10-08)

DI 26010.065 Item 34 (Remarks) on the SSA-831

Explain briefly any special circumstance or situation in previous items on the SSA-831 (for example, “Item 18, FO revised systems input required –statutorily blind, effective (date) (MM/DD/YY)” or “Item 27, Onset of statutory blindness established (date) (MM/DD/YY),” as appropriate.

In a Title XVI claim, if Item 34 shows, “Presumptive Blindness Decision,” delete the entry.

For a detailed list of special situations that may be annotated in the “Remarks” section of the SSA-831, see DI 26510.095 Completion of Item 34 (Remarks).

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DI 26010.065 - Item 34 (Remarks) on the SSA-831 - 10/31/2008
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