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DI 27010.010 Reconsideration Reversal to Denial

A. Introduction

If a reconsideration request on a partially favorable determination results in a denial, provide a reconsideration denial notice. Since the initial determination is under appeal and is not final, this situation is a reconsideration, not an adverse reopening.

B. Procedures for reconsideration reversal to denial

Complete the SSA-831-U5 per DI 27015.000—Reconsideration –Completion of Form SSA-831-U3 with the following changes:

  • Complete Item 34—“Reconsideration Reversal to Denial”; and

  • Prepare a rationale which clearly explains why the determination was changed.

NOTE: The DDS also has jurisdiction of reconsideration cases that had the original decision revised by OQP to one less favorable to the claimant.

For further instructions on notice and rationale preparation see, DI 27020.000—Reconsideration Rationale Preparation, DI 27030.000— Reconsideration Notice Instructions, and DI 27015.001—Completion of Item 34-(Remarks).

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