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DI 81007.070 Internet Query Facility

A. The Internet query facility (IQF)

The IQF is a set of queries available to field office personnel via the Shared Processes menu on the SSA mainframe. Claims technicians use it to access information in the Internet report database and to control Internet workloads.

This subchapter briefly describes the IQF. Full details are available in MSOM MS Internet 001-003.

B. IQF uses

Use the IQF to do the following:

  • Determine if a user established an IDR partial;

  • Determine whether the user submitted an IDR;

  • View data in IDR partials;

  • Print the IDR; and

  • Delete an IDR from the database.

NOTE: Do not query IDRs as a matter of routine. Generally, a query is not necessary if the IDRD propagates to EDCS. Query an IDR partial to facilitate an interview or to determine the protective filing date for an application.

C. Accessing IDRs through IQF queries

1. To query IDRs

  • Select #4 (Shared Processes) from the SSA Menu (MAIN) screen in PCOM; and

  • Enter the SSN, select either 2 (Update) or 3 (Query) and select #5 Internet from the Shared Process Menu (SPMN) screen.

  • On the Internet Query Facility Menu, select 1 (Internet Disability Reports).

  • On the appropriate Internet form menu, select the case to be displayed (Complete or Partial) and function 1 (Query).

To print the query response, enter an “X” in the field, “Print These Screens.” Entering an “X” in the field on any screen, will print the entire query response.

2. Query responses

a. Query response common to all IDRs

The Internet report query response contains the following fields:

  • Claimant's SSN, NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, ADDRESS, and PHONE number;

  • START and SUBMISSION dates - IDR creation date and submission date, if submitted.

3. IDR-specific query response

The query response for each IDR contains information specific to the IDR. For example, the i3820 displays information about the person completing the i3820, that person’s relationship to the child, and whether the child lives with that person. See MSOM MS Internet 001-003 for a complete description of each query.

Claims technicians can query CICS to print copies of IDR partials and submissions. Do not routinely print an IDR and scan it into the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS). There is no need to do that when the EDCS user has propagated the IDR into EDCS.

IDRs partials and IDRs submitted for cases that are EDCS exclusions are available for printing through the IQF.

4. How to print an IDR through the IQF

Take the following steps to print an IDR:

  • Open a session in PCOM.

  • On the MAIN Menu, select function number 4, Shared Processes, to open the Shared Process Menu.

  • On the Shared Process Menu (SPMN), enter the SSN, select 2=Update or 3=Query, and select function 5=Internet to open the Internet Query Facility Menu.

  • Select 1=Internet Disability Reports on the Internet Query Facility Menu (AEQY) to open the Internet Disability Reports Status (IDRS) screen.

  • The IDRS screen displays entries for all IDRs, both partials and submissions. Select the desired entry. On the Internet Form Menu, select the case to be displayed (Complete or Partial) and Function 2 (print entire Internet form number).

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