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DI 81020.090 Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Messages

A. General

Messages are notifications designed to inform case processing personnel about anecdotal information that may be relevant to the handling of the case, but is not official documentation of case processing actions (e.g., call the claimant after 9:00 a.m. or Electronic Data Collect System [EDCS] exclusion associated with the case.). EDCS, eView and Disability Determination Services (DDS) users with the appropriate security clearance may create, view, and delete messages in a CEF. In certain case scenarios, DDS uses messages to provide special instructions to the Field Office (FO) about notice completion or release (see Electronic Case Closure - DI 81020.130).

B. Adding a Message

When creating a message, the user has the option to enter an expiration date or to leave it blank. Multiple messages may exist in a CEF and each message may contain up to 1,000 characters. To create a message:

  • The Message Information Screen is used to add a message to the case.

  • On the Message Information Screen, you will be able to add the message description and the message expiration date, if appropriate.

  • If the office creating the message does not have jurisdiction, the office with jurisdiction will be notified of the presence of a new message only if that office has two-way update capabilities.

C. Viewing a Message

Messages are located on the Alerts/Messages tab of eView. The Messages screen contains a list of existing messages added to the CEF including a brief description, the expiration date, the date the message was last modified, and the office code of the message creator. To view the full message, select the message description link.

D. Deleting a Message

Messages are not automatically deleted and remain in the CEF case after case closure or transfer unless an expiration date has been entered. However, messages may also be deleted manually.

1. Manually Deleting a Message

To manually delete a message in eView:

  • Go to the Alerts/Messages screen: and

  • Select the particular message description link for the message to be deleted

  • After navigating to the full view of the message to be deleted, select the “delete” button.

2. Automatic Deletion of a Message

When messages are created, the user has the option to enter an expiration date. Once the expiration date is reached, the message is automatically deleted and will no longer be displayed in the CEF.

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