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DI 81020.095 Annotations, Bookmarks, and Categories (ABCs)

A. General information about ABCs

Disability Determination Services (DDS) users with the appropriate security access, may create annotations, set bookmarks and categorize (ABCs) pages of imaged documents stored in the CEF. (For information about authorized access, see DI 81001.025 – Authorized Access to the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)). Users access the ABCs through the Document Management Architecture (DMA) viewer while viewing imaged documents; or through the list of bookmarks and categorized pages available from the Case Documents Tab in eView. All ABCs added to CEF documents are removed when the case is closed on the DDS case processing system.

B. Description of annotations

Annotations are digital versions of the marks or comments commonly used on paper documents (e.g., highlights, sticky notes). Annotations are typically used to identify important information on a document for future reference.

Annotations are placed directly on the page of the imaged document and can be found easily in the DMA Viewer’s thumbnail view. Annotation styles vary from “sticky notes” that allow the user to enter text to arrows and circles that highlight chosen parts of the imaged document. Annotations can vary in size and color based on the user’s preference.

C. Bookmarks

1. Description of bookmarks

Bookmarks act as a marker or pointer to a specific page or range of pages in a document that are referred to frequently or that contain special or important information (e.g., laboratory results, x-ray readings). The user is able to enter text to identify the bookmark.

Users should follow local rules for the use of bookmarks.

2. Using bookmarks

a. DMA viewer

The DMA viewer user can obtain a list of all the bookmarks that are on the document(s) open in the DMA Viewer by accessing the “Bookmarks” option on the toolbar in the DMA viewer and selecting “Show Editor”

b. eView

The eView user may obtain a list of all the bookmarks that are placed on any imaged document by selecting “Bookmark” from the Case Documents tab. The user may search the list of bookmarks by entering text in the search box and selecting “Search.”

NOTE: This search is case sensitive.

D. Categories

1. Description of categories

The DMA Viewer is used to categorize pages of the documents in the CEF. The categorized pages are used by the DDS case processing system when Consultative Examinations (CE) are ordered and when request for medical records are sent to providers.

DDS users can categorize pages of an imaged document in the DMA Viewer. The categories are:

  • Physical,

  • Mental,

  • Mental and Physical, and

  • MER 827.

2. Using categories

a. DMA viewer

Pages categorize as Physical, Mental, or Mental and Physical are generate as background material and mailed to the CE provider along with the request letter and payment voucher. For instructions regarding information that should be furnished to the CE provider, Refer to DI 22510.017B.

NOTE: There may be documents that should not be sent to the CE source and care should be exercised in categorizing these.

The DMA Viewer is also used to categorize the SSA-827 (Authorization to Disclose Information to the SSA) as MER 827. The SSA-827 generates along with the medical evidence request (MER) letter and is mailed to the provider.

NOTE: Categories can only be set on the current case. They cannot be set on prior files even if those cases are CEFs. For information on adding documentation from a prior CEF, see Prior Folder Material - DI 81020.030.

b. eView

The eView user may obtain a list of documents with categorized pages associated with them for the case by selecting “Categories” from the Case Documents tab. The user may filter the list by category (e.g., Mental, Physical, Mental and Physical, or MER 827) by selecting the category type from the drop down list. The user can also sort the categories text alphabetically or select multiple categories and open them all at the same time in the DMA Viewer.

3. Electronic assistance requests (AR)

If the DDS receives an electronic AR for a CE, the requesting office is able to set categories, for CE background material, as well as, add a bookmark and annotation to the documents in the CEF. For more information about Electronic Assistance Requests (AR), see DI 81020.100.

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