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SI 00603.033 Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) Procedures - General

A. Procedure - All PERCs

The following are reminders for all PERCs.

1. TERI Cases

Expedite the PERC and associated development in TERI cases.

2. PX EDIT - Non-MSSICS Processing

If you are processing the PERC outside of MSSICS and the PERC date (i.e., the date the update form was signed) is more than 120 days prior to the current month, transmit PR-9 with PC code of A and the current month/year to avoid a PX edit. When the final decision has been posted, input the proper PERC month/year via PR-9. (See SM 01005.661C.)

NOTE: This situation is more likely to occur with a PERC that was completed upon receipt of an Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Early Development Notification.

3. Access Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Databases

For all PERCs initiated on or after the date your office is given access to the OCSE databases, query the OCSE wage, unemployment compensation and new hire databases and develop per SI 00810.550.

NOTE: If self-employment is alleged or indicated, see SI 00820.220.

  • Effective January 2003, for many claims situations, the OCSE data wages, unemployment compensation, and “new hires”, are automatically displayed in the MSSICS path;

  • MSOM MSSICS 014.006 states when the data are available in the MSSICS path and when they are not; and

  • FO's will no longer have to query the OCSE databases where OCSE data are automatically displayed.

4. PERC Interviews

Before conducting a PERC interview, establish the identity of the person to whom you are speaking according to SI 00601.062.

B. Procedure - Full PERCs

The following are reminders for full PERCs:

1. Document Changes

Document material changes in eligibility factors which have occurred during the review period as required by instructions for the particular eligibility issue.

2. Obtain Signature

Obtain the signature of the claimant, other proper applicant, or representative payee applicant.

NOTE: The representative payee applicant's signature is valid only if they are ultimately selected as payee. (See SI 00603.033B.4. if the claimant is deceased.)

3. Reopening Involved - NON-MSSICS

When an application filed prior to the current application is being reopened and revised, use the PERC form appropriate for the application being reopened; i.e., use Form SSA- 8000-BK (Application for SSI) for a deferred development claim and Form SSA-8203-BK (Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for SSI Payments) for a simultaneous development claim.

4. Claimant Deceased

If the claimant dies before the PERC document can be completed and/or signed and there is an SSI underpayment due and a potential recipient of the underpayment (See SI 02101.001 regarding underpayments.), complete the PERC with and/or obtain the signature of one of the following:

  • the applicant on the SSI record if other than the claimant,

  • a surviving living-with spouse or parent (in the case of a child), or

  • a State agency official if there is an interim assistance reimbursement (IAR) authorization and the persons listed above are nonexistent, unable, or unwilling to provide the necessary information.

If there is no SSI underpayment due or there is no one to whom an underpayment can be paid (See SI 02101.001 regarding underpayments.) no PERC is required. See SI 01730.015 if unpaid Medicaid expenses are alleged.

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