TN 48 (11-08)

SI 00820.133 Wage Verification - General

A. Introduction

Wage verification should be as unobtrusive as possible so as not to discourage work activity and as accurate as possible to avoid overpayments, which can also discourage work.

Sections SI 00820.135 through SI 00820.147 address wage verification procedures for different situations. There are different verification procedures depending on whether alleged wages are over $65 per month, or are $65 or less per month.

There are also instructions that may apply when earnings are reported periodically, and in some sheltered workshop earnings cases.

B. Procedure

Use the following chart to locate wage verification instructions.


THEN see..

Alleged wages are over $65 for a month

SI 00820.135

Alleged wages are $65 or less for a month

SI 00820.140

Wages are reported periodically

SI 00820.141

Sheltered workshop pays $65 or less per month to all program participants

SI 00820.142

Wage information is obtained from The Work Number

SI 00820.147

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