TN 80 (02-22)

SI 02305.059 Disposition of RZ and Limited Issue Case Development and Decision Data

A. Introduction

This section provides instructions for transmitting information to the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) about case development and decision data completed during the RZ or limited issue.


Effective 11/18/2006 permission to contact financial institutions must be requested at all Redeterminations (RZs) initiated by field offices (FOs) and for all Wilkes Barre Direct Operations Center (WBDOC) transfers to FOs. The financial permission question will not be asked in redeterminations completed by the WBDOC. See SI 00515.001B. and SI 00515.001D.

Documentation instructions for MSSICS and non-MSSICS cases are in SM 01501.250B.


The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) RZ system will produce a VP (priority diary present – RZ disposition code-no diary deletion or MS field) reject when a RZ clearance input is processed and a priority diary remains pending. See SM 01501.005 to resolve the VP reject.

The following procedures apply to personal contact RZs completed in a FO R-SM) transferred from the WBDOC to the servicing FO.

See GN 00301.322 for the disposition of paper forms.

B. Procedure – RZ or LI Results In No Change

If the RZ or Limited Issue (LI) does not result in a change in payment or eligibility:

  • Clear any outstanding priority diaries on the SSR;

  • Update the CG or remarks field on the SSR via 1719B (SSI POSTELIGIBILITY DATA INPUT) or MSSICS;

  • Input disposition coding per SM 01501.003B or close the RZ event per MS 04425.001A.

  • Transmit any changes to the recipient's record via 1719B or Build Transaction SSR (BTS) in MSSICS;

EXAMPLE: Changes in the telephone number and/or address information, information about excludable resources; etc.

Remember that MSSICS documentation development screens are located in MS 04422.001 through MS 04422.018.



All high error profile (HEP) RZs should be completed in MSSICS whenever possible.

The preferred method of completion for all eRZ cases transferred to the FO by the WBDOC is through MSSICS.

C. Procedure – RZ or LI Results in Change in Eligibility and/or Payment Amount

If the RZ or LI does result in a change in payment or eligibility:

  • Determine if a penalty deduction is appropriate per SI 02301.100 through SI 02301.110 if changes result in excess payments.

  • Determine whether administrative sanctions could apply. For policy and procedure on the use of administrative sanctions, see GN 02604.400.

  • Follow instructions in SI 02305.059B, in this section.

  • Annotate the file with a Report of Contact (RC) summarizing the changes if transmitting data via SSA–1719B. The RC should include:

  • Item(s) that changed;

  • Correct information for those items;

  • Reason(s) for the change(s), if appropriate;

  • Date(s) the change(s) occurred; and

  • Effect(s) of the changes.

  • Notify the recipient of the change. If a systems-generated Notice of Planned Action is not sent, manually prepare the notice (see NL 00801.010B.3.).

D. Procedure – Multiple Inputs Required as a Result of RZ or LI Development

Input data affecting current and future eligibility and payment amount while developing the retroactive period. However, avoid fragmented inputs for a single issue. When developing more than one issue for the retroactive period, complete all development before making input.

Input the RZ completion indicator via 1719B or close the RZ or LI event and send changes in MSSICS as the final input.

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