TN 4 (05-95)

NL 00603.025 Designating Notice Information on Disability Determination Form

A. Policy

1. General

The FO CR, DDS/PSC disability examiner and Disability Quality Branch (DQB) examiner are responsible for designating disability notices to be sent.

2. Representative payee involved

When a legally competent beneficiary has a representative payee, the original of the notice is always sent to the beneficiary, with a copy to the representative payee.

A representative payee is not entitled to the personalized explanation. SSA may only disclose information that the person needs to perform the duties of representative payee (i.e., to receive and disburse or conserve title II and title XVI benefits belonging to the beneficiary).

EXAMPLE: If the representative payee is entitled to information in another capacity (e.g., as parent or legal guardian) that person may receive any information to which he/she is entitled.

B. Procedure

1. Where to display

Display appropriate entries in:

  • Item 29 of the SSA-831-U3, SSA-832-U3 or SSA-833-U3, and

2. Required entries

  1. a. 

    Indicate the:

    • Component responsible for preparing the notice: DDS, FO, PSC or ODIO,

    • Designated Letter — e.g., SSA-L443-U2, and

    • Paragraphs to be included with required fill-ins.

  2. b. 

    Include the statement “Do not send a copy of the personalized explanation to payee” if there is a representative payee for a legally competent claimant.

    EXCEPTION: See EXAMPLE in NL 00603.025A.2. above.

    NOTE: Annotate the SSA-408 (Route Slip) with a remark identifying the component responsible for preparing or releasing the notice.

3. Special instructions — suffixes

Show the following suffixes in item 29 of the SSA-831-U3, SSA-832-U3 and SSA-833-U3 to alert the typist to special notice requirements.

  • Suffix “A” — Attorney or other authorized representative to receive copy of notice,

  • Suffix “Z” — Authorized disclosure of entitlement information to third party,

  • Suffix “C25” — Return of document requested by claimant, and

  • Suffix “S” — Notice instructions provided on Form SSA-865 or SSA-573 in file.

    NOTE: Refer to NL 00603.100 for actions required of typist.

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