TN 4 (11-20)

NL 00702.136 Initiating a Completely Dictated/Manual Letter

A. Policy

When constructing dictated/manual letters, technicians may select UTIs from any program source processed by M/TEXT.

B. Procedure

To initiate a completely dictated or manual letter, first enter the I Queue. Use PF20 to initiate a new document and follow the prompts to complete the letter. Answer the screen prompt for SSN, BIC/PIC. The exhibit/form/UTI prompt will be left blank unless a specific UTI is used when preparing a manual notice. In this case, the UTI may be entered. Then press ENTER.

The next screen asks for a batch number, type of notice, PSC address, date of notice, claim number/ref, L1041 and L1041 reference. Ignore the prompts for L1041 and L1041 reference. The batch number, type of notice, date of notice (see NL 00702.184), claim number/ref and BIC/PIC are optional.

For letters responding to inquiries, it may not be appropriate to show a “type of notice” on the third line of the heading. In these cases the SSA-573 or other instruction will indicate “DELETE TYPE OF NOTICE.” Use the SHIFT/6 key to hold the space instead of entering a type of notice. This will allow the third line to remain blank.

For Black Lung Award Certificates and Health Insurance Award Certificates, select “Notice of Award.”

If the letter consists of UTIs enter the line command “A” in the line edit margin on the line above the #SIGNATURE model, followed by the number of blank lines needed to enter the UTIs and press ENTER. Enter the UTIs preceded by a “#” and press ENTER.

You will be automatically prompted for the fill-ins of the UTIs included in the document. If the prompts do not appear then enter “E” on the head command line and press ENTER or enter “E” in the line edit margin next to each new UTI with fill-ins and press ENTER.

If the letter consists of dictated text, see NL 00702.122.

C. List of types of notices

This is a sample list of different types of notices:

Authorization to Charge and Receive a Fee

Claim Information

Important Information

Notice of Award

Notice of Change in Benefits

Notice of Change in Payment

Notice of Continuing Disability Review

Notice of Disability Cessation

Notice of Disapproved Claim

Notice of Dismissal

Notice of Overpayment

Notice of Planned Action

Notice of Reconsideration

Overpayment Information

If no entry is made, M/ TEXT will default to “Important Information.”

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