TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.163 Moving a Document to the Review Queue

A. Policy

Documents are moved to IR Queue one document at a time.

B. Procedure

Once a document has been proofread using PF17 and spell checked using PF2 and is complete, it can be moved to the IR Queue by pressing the PF23 key. The “move to review” screen with the prompt “Move this document to the Review Queue?” will appear. Answer “Y” and press ENTER to move the document to Review. A Date/Time screen will now appear. Press ENTER to date the transaction. Another “move” screen will appear for the next document (the document in the queue immediately after the just moved document). Answer appropriately. Once an “N” is entered, you will be returned to the existing queue screen.

A document can be moved into the IR Queue via the PF23 facility from any queue except PE and DL Queues.

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