TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.164 Moving a Document to a Print Queue

A. Policy

Documents are moved to an IP or IF Queue one document at a time.

B. Procedure

Once all actions on a document have been completed, it can be moved to IP or IF Queue by first accessing the document's edit screen and then pressing the PF24 key. Answer the prompts “Print & Mail/Print & Return to MOD” appropriately. Press ENTER to move the document. Press ENTER again when the “Date/Time Stamp” screen appears to date the transaction. Another “move to print” will appear for the “next” document (the document in the queue immediately before the just moved document).

If this document is to be printed, answer appropriately and press ENTER. Continue this process until the “next” document is not to be printed. Answer the prompts appropriately and you will be returned to the existing queue screen.

The PF24 facility can be used to move documents from the I or IR queues to either of the print queues.

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