TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.168 Transferring Documents to Another Work Queue

A. Introduction

The “Transfer” function allows the user to move a document from any existing queue to any I Queue in the same M/TEXT section (PSC).

B. Procedure

To accomplish this, first access the edit screen for the document to be transferred. By pressing the PF19 key, you will be presented with a prompt screen asking for the two position numeric value of the target (new) component I Queue. After entering the value, press the ENTER key to transfer the document. The “Date/Time Stamp” screen will now appear. After pressing ENTER again to date stamp the transfer, you will be returned to the existing component's queue with a message indicating where the document was sent.

C. Example

A user determines that a document currently residing in W700 22I should be transferred to W700 99I. The user would retrieve the document from W700 22I, press the PF19 key, enter 99 as the numeric value and press the ENTER key (twice). The user then receives a message indicating “(document name) has been transferred to W700 99I Work Queue”.

NOTE: If a notice is transferred to a backlog “I” queue and a notice with the same identifier already exists in the target queue, the notice in the target queue will be replaced by the transferred document.

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