TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.172 Mutilated Documents

A. Policy

Documents that are damaged in the print/mail process and cannot be mailed will continue to be processed as they have been. Some PSCs may rotate the processing of mutilated documents among the components; other PSCs may retain the processing within each component.

B. Process

A mutilated document that was not generated by M/TEXT will continue to be regenerated by reconstructing the notice as if it were a new document.

Mutilated documents that originated from M/TEXT will be returned to the originating component and can be regenerated by accessing the IA Queue. The IA Queue will contain any notice that is printed by M/TEXT on the laser printer for a set number of days following the day the document was placed in an IP or IF queue. (See NL 00702.015 for information concerning the M/TEXT printing sequence.)

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NL 00702.172 - Mutilated Documents - 05/03/1995
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